Introduce yourself!

Hi all,
Im Dave and just jumped into the Pi world with a Pico. Haven’t touched an electrical engineering book in 3 decades and haven’t coded in 10 years. So I figured I’d jump right into the Pico with both feet and stick to what I knew… C++. How’d that work out you ask??? It literally took me 3 weeks to get the entire toolchain up and running properly. Turns out if I had just followed the directions in the SDK docs I could’ve avoided alot of swearing. Once it was up and working (CMake??? never heard of it) the coding was extremely straight forward and got my aviation-related project running flawlessly in a few hours. Looking forward to more.

Hi All,

I am Chrissy. I work at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine where I spend my time working on the development of new methods and systems for doing clinical research and trials.

I’m also a hobbyist with devices and currently in to playing around with Badger2040.

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Hi Folks,
I’m a tech enthusiast and environmental data junkie - environment data is collected from sensors; stored on servers; and displayed everywhere. On Grafana; on Desktop Conky’s; on a Galactic Unicorn; and a Wireless Plasma Skull.

It was the Wireless Plasma that caught my eye in the Pimoroni line. Saw it and thought “Gotta use that to display weather data”. I’ve noticed I can now DIY the sensor side of things which may be worth exploring. I spent many years in software development, but while I love to code, I prefer to do it on my terms with no deadlines. So being a hobbyist with Raspberry Pi’s and now Pico’s has scratched that itch.

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Welcome aboard to all who have posted above. =)
The more the merrier.


I am called DangerousThing (or DT if you don’t want to type it all out), For most of my career I’ve been a programmer/analyst at Penn State. I developed applications so that the professors could use technology in their classrooms. When my wife became, I quit to become her full-time caregiver, until she died. Now I’m a retired programmer. One of my hobbies was making robots, so I dusted it off and am doing that again. Unfortunately, most of my tools and equipment is still in storage, so I’ve started small. I now have a trilobot to play with.


Emma here. The ‘too many projects, too little time’ kind. Doing stuff in cloud IT. I love to create things, finishing them is my biggest challenge. I really should call myself an ‘expert in Proof of Concept creation’.

Heya, Kelly here, but more known as STrRedWolf. Software engineer by trade but artist/author by hobby, mainly in the furry genre. I started coding in C, and know C++ (Arduino), C#, Python, HTML/CSS, and some dialects of BASIC (including VB.NET). I’m mostly coding in C# these days.

I got in early on the Raspberry Pi’s (still got a couple Pi 1B’s) but now a days I’m mucking with Pi Pico’s for a couple of projects.

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I am an automation specialist working for a global manufacturer for 30 plus years, in two separate lifes! I ran my own company for a few years before returning home. My first keyboard was a Commodore PET in college. Since then, I never stop coding, learning new language as the world evolves. I like to tie software with hardware, may it be industrial machines, LEGO MOC or remote controled cars and boats.

It is nice to meet you all.


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