It's alive

Hi, this is Nick, ancient Geek with so many languages I’ve hacked on I get very confused some/most times. Normally I’m writing desktop/database software with some accompanying web pages, JavaScript, PHP, etc etc. Sometimes I’m making LoRaWAN things with Arduino & STM32, but I ain’t no C jockey, not even on a good day.

I got heads up of the incoming package on Friday so gathered resources over the weekend and have literally just downloaded my Test01/HelloWorld app - some text and a sprite. Woo Hoo!

I’m on macOS which means there are a few bits & pieces to slot in to place to get to this point, which I will document as a next step to save others using their GoogleFu.

And then I’ll be working on a basic RPG or side scroller to learn the API whilst digging through the files in the 32blit-beta folder so we can have some concrete examples of sprite & tile map generation and what some of the other tools are for.

Medium term, I want to have a sanitised set of examples so the secondary school students I encounter can migrate from Scratch on to making a real game but without drowning in Unity.