Jetson nano


I’m delighted to see you’re offering the Jetson Nano. It’s a fantastic bit of kit for anyone interested in Neural Networks/Deep Learning. 0.5 Teraflops for just over £100 is an amazing bargain.

You might want to tell customers about the hardware they will need to get started: an HDMI monitor, a keyboard and mouse. They’ll also need a PSU that provides at least 2.5 Amps; the board itself takes 2 amps and may close down if the keyboard and mouse take the board over its 2A limit. They can run headlessly once the board is set up but not for the first boot.

Finally, they will need to burn the Jetson Nano boot image on the SD card they boot from; an unmodified NOOBS card won’t work, obviously. My own advice would be to get at least a 32 Mb card, and 64 Mb is even better. A lot of deep learning models and associated data are very large.

I can recommend the JetsonHacks site. It has lots of good advice about the Nano and other models.