Joining Joystick to the wire loom

This is a bit embarrassing :-)

I’ve read through the instructions and watched the video but its not super clear to me how the wire loom is meant to connect to the Joystick.

The connectors on the wire appear to be smaller than the spades on the stick so I dont think they will fit over them. I then thought maybe the spade need to be bent and the connectors slipped in behind them. I tried this but being rather ham fisted, I meanaged to snap one.

Soooo I’ve ordered a replacement Joystick, but I want to make sure I know what I’m doing before it arrives :-)

Any guidance/pictures?



it is a tight fit to be sure, but the ‘spade’ should snap onto the joystick end. If that is not the case then post pictures of what you have so we can verify you/we are not missing anything obvious (and you receive the correct parts).

I understand the button wire loom has smaller spade connectors, and the joystick loom slightly larger ones, could be you have them reversed.

Thanks - I’ll take a look again - I suspect that it is down to me being an idiot :-)