Joystick connection not shown when connecting PICADE to PC

When we plugged in the PICADE to the PC, it shows up as a KEYBOARD. But where are the options for the JOYSTICK. When we connect joystick potentiometers to the PICADE BOARD with the JOYSTICK pin out screws, still no joysticks.

Please help!

Picade supports a digital joystick, such as the one supplied in the Picade kit and available here:

At the moment we don’t support analog joysticks since these aren’t common in retro arcade setups, but you could have a go at modifying the firmware to change this. It’s an Arduino-compatible board, so it’s very eminently hackable.

It also will not show up as a joystick, since out-of-the-box it’s designed to work with the Raspberry Pi and popular emulator software and is flashed with the original firmware we released to support the Picade kit.

The new 2.x firmware shows up as a gamepad, although with digital-only joysticks there’s no practical difference between this and keyboard mode, unless your particular emulator/game doesn’t support keyboard input: New 2.x Configurable Keyboard/Gamepad Firmware

Not one to miss a good feature, I’ve been working on dual analog support in the new 2.x Picade firmware. I’ve not released it yet, needs a weee bit more testing, but I’ve got two analog joystick breakouts working on the U D L R pins which are all analog inputs.

The beauty of this is that, unlike Up, Down, Left, Right an X and Y axis only need one analog input each, so we can replace the one digital joystick with two analog ones without using any additional pins.

Dual analog portable Pi gaming setups… here we come :D

Nice job…
That will help with emulation of consoles that require analogue sticks

The challenge is now to find a good, low cost, analog-enabled arcade stick as a Picade upgrade :D I know USB ones exist, but they don’t come cheap.

how about these??
n64 analogue stick replacement

or this one even cheaper…

4 wire version

or if you want a proper joystick the cheapest is probably Ultrastik 360