Keyboard keys problem RPi3

Hi, i am having a big problem with my keyboard. this problem is so bad i am not able to code:U i have a rasberry pi3 starter kit and it came with a keyboard and mouse. there seems to be a problem with my keyboard.Basically if i try type backward slash it comes out like this: #. then that makes the big problem I CANT USE THE PIPE SYMBOL!!! Which means i cant code . please help if you are amazing at coding REPLY!!!

Full Raspbian or Lite? In the full Raspbian you just go to Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration via the menu and change your keyboard layout. Localization tab . keyboard layout. The default is English UK, I set mine to English US > English US with Eruo on the 5. That matches everything up for me.

If it’s Raspbian lite you need to run sudo raspi-config to do it. Menu’s are bit different but its the same idea. Finding the right keyboard layout is tricky though, its the old interface.

I had the same issue from terminal in Raspbian lite, I could not get the | symbol on my keyboard even after trying a few different layouts. I eventually gave up and went to full Raspbian.

thanks @alphanumeric

it worked yaaay!! thank you

That was one of the first things that caught me out when I got my first raspberry Pi. It defaults to English UK keyboard layout. There were a couple of keys moved around, # was one I think. And the | . I don’t object to them doing that, they are UK based. It just wasn’t obvious why my keyboard was messed up, lol.