How to download software for XHat in US

Hey, I have heard a lot of people in the US complaining about how they cannot type the pipe ( | ) in the terminal to do “curl | bash”. So, you can either connect to it SHH and type the command externally, or (The better long term option) go to raspi-config, localization, keyboard, and change it to a generic US English keyboard. You should then be able to type the pipe.

I had that issue a few distro’s ago back when the default was English UK for keyboard layout. I use an English US keyboard. The | was MIA.
In Buster the quick setup menu lets me still set my local to Canada, etc. But tick the two boxes to use English US for keyboard layout etc. That was a welcome change.
I think though, if you skip (opt out) of the quick setup menu you may end up with English UK for keyboard layout. And with the missing | issue. Which can be very frustrating when all you want to do is install something.

Interesting. My Mac US keyboard has a pipe key (Shift-slash). Maybe it’s showing its Posix roots. :)

Shift \ is where it is for me on my English US PC keyboard. With the layout set to English UK I get a different character when pressing that combo. I think it was { or maybe @, it wasn’t the | anyway and no key combo I tried would find it.

I had to use a combination of the right-hand ALT and ~` key.
That worked on my US keyboard

That’s Interesting!!!