Kickstarter Picade and Windows 10 issues

I have had my picade for years and love it!

Recently I have mounted an intel NUC inside, and have installed windows 10. In general its pretty great, but there are a couple of rouge edges that I can’t seem to fix:

  • The picade doesn’t function (create keystrokes) after restarting until I eject and re-insert it into the usb port

  • While investigating the prior item I re-installed the Arduino software, and when retrieving the board info it’s reporting as an unknown board with: VID 16D0 and PID 08C0. Is this normal behavior? Shouldn’t the picade not be recognized as an Arduino Uno? It was years ago when I programmed it with the stock software, and I don’t remember how it was recognized.

Thanks for any tips about this!

This sounds normal, the VID and PID are our own, and shouldn’t recognise as an Uno (I don’t recall how the bootloader was programmed though!)

The issue with it not functioning on bootup in Windows 10 is not something I’ve come across- but I haven’t rebooted a Windows 10 computer with a Picade attached (neither old nor new) so it’s possible there’s something awry.

I may not get a chance to try until the week after next- but in the meantime it could be worth looking into reports of similar problems with other Arduino Leonardo based setups.

This sounds like a similar problem:

It shouldn’t be necessary on Windows 10- which I understand has built-in recognition for standard USB devices. Maybe our inf driver will help?

Reprogramming the picade board (kickstarter board) using the original code and latest Arduino Sketch fixed it. Thanks!