Laser Printer

Just bought a Raspberry Pi400 and updated the OS to the new Dec 2020 release. I am trying to get it to talk to my Brother DCP1612W mono laser printer. I have installed the correct Linux driver from the Brother website. If I access the printer via its web address (192.168 etc) all the info is there and I can actually print out the tech data including Printer Serial Number & settings from that interface, so my PI is ‘seeing’ the printer & sending it commands. . However, I cannot print in ‘Ordinary’ use., e.g. from Libre Office. When I press @print’, nothing happens. Not sure which settings/configuration steps I need to take? Any help appreciated.

I’ve never actually used/installed a printer from a Pi, so can’t help much, but this blog post from the Pi Foundation might be useful:

For instance, it points out that most Linux drivers that manufacturers offer are built for x86, not ARM, and it looks like you need to setup CUPS.

Good luck!