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I’m here as a complete and utter Pi novice (Hi, everybody)
I already have a Pi project for a nestbox camera - but have to admit to getting the family whizz (my son) to do the setting up, so I’m a bit clueless about what can actually be achieved.
I’ve come to try and solve a really annoying problem and improve my knowledge at the same time. My problem is this:
I have an ancient (2007) iMac and an even more ancient (2003) Samsung CLP500 colour laser printer. Individually they both work perfectly well and did so as a pair until I upgraded the iMac to run on the latest OS offering, Catalina. In short, the printer manufacturer (now HP, shame on them) are not bothering to provide 64 bit drivers and Catalina, it appears, only utilises 64 bit drivers.
I hate the idea of binning a perfectly good printer and back-stepping the iMac to earlier software defeats the object of the exercise, ie, don’t stop using it just 'cos it’s old. So am I …
My lack of understanding may well make the following look like a silly question, but:
Can anyone tell me if I can use a Pi as an intermediary that can be loaded with appropriate software and drive the old Samsung? Equally important: what do I need to buy to do the job?
If there is a way, I also have family laptops (2 on Ubuntu, 1 on Windows 10) and a basic HP mono laserjet printer/scanner to factor into the equation. The house has internet access provided by a mifi.
The Samsung printer only has USB, no WiFi, or Bluetooth.

Welcome to the Pim forum.

I can’t give you a complete answer but Raspbian is basically a version of Debian Linux so if there are drivers for your printer you should be good to go.

You could start here:

Best of luck.

Best of luck.
I think I’ll need it, looking at some of the comments on the link. A bit out my depth but that’s how we learn.
Thanks for the response.
I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, otherwise there wouldn’t be a lot of folk in my position berating HP for doing nothing to support the older equipment manufactured by the company (Samsung) who’s printer products they acquired the rights to.
Guess they hoped we’d all buy new HP printers…

check over at there are a few good raspi print server builds over there.

AND go to google and search for PIKISS, that may actually be all you need, its REALLY helped me out a lot

Many thanks folks. A lot better prospect in view with those answers. I’ll start looking stuff up and get my learning head on