Thermal Printer #hashtag printing

I picked up the little thermal printer the other week on the Pimoroni store and just made a little app to test it on the pi zero.

The printer works really well and is so easy to set up on the pi. I just connected it to the serial pins and wrote text to them.

One thing I learned very quickly though is to unplug the printer before shutting down the pi as it seems the pi outputs its shutting down text to serial as well by default.

Here is a little video of me running my python script searching for the hashtag fakenews.

I have a few things to sort out like the encoding issues and some tweets seem to be truncated but its been fun so far.

I have compiled the shell scripts I have used so far to play with the printer here

Theres not much at the moment but one issue I had was not having permission to read from the serial port so I added the permission commands to a script.