Local server for Pirate Radio

Hi !!

I wonder if somebody maybe did already try to stream from a local server to the Pirate Radio.
I have a server with my music collection and on this server I installed two streamers :

  • an old Logitech Squeezebox
  • Plex
    I wonder if there is a way to connect the Pirate Radio to the server, maybe via Logitech or Plex or maybe something else.
    Any suggestions about where to start to look for information ?
    Did somebody try to do something like that ?

Thanks for any hints !

I found this which may help?

Hi ! Sounds interesting !
Will take surely a look.
Thanks !

Maybe this can be useful to others.
Here what I did so far (not much time).
First of all, Pimoroni Pirate Radio kit, installed the pre-compiled image from Pimoroni, the one who creates the filesystem in the RAM.
I like the idea that the SD card is not damaged if the power goes away but of course is very very limited.

Anyway, I have a server based on Ubuntu 18.04LTS - headless (i.e. only CLI) where I have a Plex and Logitech streamer installed and my music collection.
Installing stuff on the Pirate Radio is a pain in the neck because the limitations, heck is not even working the editor on a playlist via ssh (it make sense since when running everything is in the RAM).
Anyway, looking around on the forum I did find some info, so I did try this and is working :

  • on the server I did install VLC (I did open a ssh session from my machine with the -X parameter in order to use X11)
  • need to be execute as root so a small hack is needed. Once installed open the binary with vi (/etc/bin/vlc), look for the string geteuid and change it in getppid, save
  • run vlc : sudo vlc

At this point should appears the GUI for VLC.

  • select Stream from the menu
  • select the files you want to stream then click Stream button
  • on the stream popup click on Next
  • in the destination select HTTP (by default is File) and then click Add button
  • select a port (default is 8080 - I used another one, say 8082)
  • in the Path field add a title after the slash, say test.mp3 - click on Next
  • click on Next (leave default)
  • click on Stream
    At this point the server is streaming the content selected.
    On the Pirate Radio in the playlist add the url of the server as the setting, something like : Http://<local_server_ip>:8082/test.mp3

Reboot the Pirate Radio and you should liste to your streaming.
Lot of things to learn and set up but at least is a starting !
I want to see if is possible to stream a folder rather than select specific files or to change on the fly folder, send metadata, etc.
As I said is a start, primitive … but it works :)