Looking for a programmable 12V trigger for audio application (Newbie question)


Hi All,

Apologies if this is an inappropriate question here, but I have a requirement to program short time delays for a 12V trigger signal to turn on Audio amplifiers in series rather than in parallel. My AV receiver has a “12V Trigger Out” connected via 3.5mm mono cable to Amp #1, then Amp #1 has a 12V trigger out connected to Amp #2, then Amp #2 has 12V trigger out connected to Amp #3. Even though each Amp’s outlet is on a dedicated 16Amp circuit, the power draw of three 1000 Watt amplifiers turning on at the same time trips the circuit breaker. What I would like to have is a programmable box that would take in 12V trigger signal from the AV receiver, then send Amp #1 a 12V trigger signal via 3.5mm jack, wait [15 seconds], then send Amp #2 a 12V trigger signal via 3.5mm jack, wait [15 seconds], then send Amp #3 a 12V trigger signal via 3.5mm jack, etc.

I could also use a couple of other trigger outputs and even another 12V trigger input (that would ideally be autosensing and have a different subset of 12V trigger outputs).

Does anyone either know of such a thing, or have any suggestions how I would build such a device? I’d be willing to pay for advice or even the device if someone could build it for me ;-)

Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers.




The automation Hat may be able to handle that.

The three relays could be used to send your 12 trigger signals. And it can handle up to 24V signals in.
Might be a bit of overkill for what your doing but its ready made.



If you need more than 3 triggers the cricket hat has 4 x High current “Darlington” 500mA drive outputs

It costs more though. Might be even more stuff on it you’ll never use.
How are you soldering skills? Have you done any breadboarding etc before?



Thanks so much for those suggestions. I haven’t soldered or breadboarded in decades…

It seems that my requirement is not unique. A bit suprised not to find any ready-made, commercially available solution…