Need help with a project - trigger pads setting off audio sounds


Got a project in mind but need some help finding the right equipment to do so. I want to use pressure pads (maybe Piezo) to trigger audio samples. I’d need at least 24 inputs which can connect to a device or device then computer.

Can you help?

Anything on this site I should purchase.



If you need pressure sensitive pads then there’s nothing really suitable I could suggest from the shop, certainly nothing that would be economical to suggest compared to specialist equipment for this purpose.

but sure, you could DIY something adequate with two dozens piezos. If it’s just triggers though, you should be able to use capacitive touch boards, but again it depends what you want to be able to do as to whether it would make sense to attempt.


thanks for the reply.

wouldn’t the Adafruit Capacitive Touch HAT for Raspberry Pi work? If so, could it be connected to a laptop to be used with ableton?


yes, that sort of what I was thinking of, but that won’t give you pressure sensitive inputs if you were looking for some advanced triggering possibilities.

that said, I don’t really have an idea how you’d transfer the trigger actions to the laptop. As it happens I am very involved with MIDI but have never looked into integrating devices or workstation running a linux favour.

it just needs to trigger midi/audio track.

can you change the midi/audio on the Adafruit Capacitive Touch HAT for Raspberry Pi to play your own tracks? also, do you thing you could loop the audio once triggered?

the Cap Touch HAT is just that - hardware, a way to interact physically with the software. You need a software solution behind that to drive it and do whatever you want with it. So it could be as hard or as easy as you wish, but will depend on your skill and whatever is available to fulfil your requirements.

From my point of view, very limited when it comes to audio on the Pi, most of what you want to do is not particularly hard, if you want to keep it self-contained on the Pi - but if you want to integrate a sequencer running on a different machine where the samples are triggered then you will have to find a way to transmit MIDI from one to the other.

I could suggest our very own Drum HAT as a possible part of your jigsaw. Admittedly it has fewer cap touch pads than you require, but we do provide a python library and examples that would allow you to do real-time triggering of samples direct to your speakers.

It can also be combined with the Adafruit Cap Touch HAT, so the 2 would work together well in that context.