Mopidy and Samba (or can moOde use the Pirate Audio buttons/screen?)

For powered speakers I have been using moOde ( with Pimoroni’s neat Audio DAC Shim (and moOde with the ‘not as neat but very nice’ IQaudio DigiAMP+ for unpowered speakers).

However, I now want to use a Audio DAC Shim for something else. I do have a Pirate Audio Line Out HAT, and that has libraries to use with Mopidy to recognise the buttons / display stuff, whereas I am not sure how to do that with moOde.

The install instructions for both Mopidy and the HAT predate Raspberry Pi OS not having a default ‘pi’ user, so I have mopidy as the user - was that a mistake?

I can play files on the SD card, but I cannot find any usable guide for how to get it to look at Samba shares for its music (this wasn’t anything like as difficult with moOde) - are there any?

The buttons work, but I haven’t yet got anything displaying on the screen. This is probably the files I have tried it with though…

I can ssh into the Pi and control it that way, or - after installing mopidy-MPD - control it with an MPD client. What’s not seeming to work is the Iris web interface - are there any ‘from scratch’ guides for that?

Getting it to access Samba shares is the biggest one for me, because I’m fine with using the MPD client to control it, so I would love to see a how-to guide for that or be told how to get buttons and screen working in moOde.


You should mount your Samba shares somewhere on a directory on your SD card. Once mounted, this is transparent for every program - i.e. the program can’t tell if it local on the SD card or on a remote Samba share.
Setting up a Pi to mount Samba shares is well documented, you should find numerous guides in the net.