More info needed about the new Pimoroni screen

Please can you answer the following questions about the HyperPixel - 3.5" Hi-Res Display for Raspberry Pi:

  1. It looks like there is a touch and a non-touch version, how do you make sure you get the right one (there is no drop-down menu or anything)?
  2. What is the one line installer as it doesn’t show it on the description unlike most Pimoroni products?
    Thanks in advance,
  1. There’s no non-touch version yet. That’s something we’re considering in future.


Software was a little bit of a last-minute rush ;)

Thanks for the help! So it has the bit printed on the back saying that touching the screen does something/nothing is just for the future.

I’d guess it’s a funny way for them to mark it’s been through quality control.

exactly what @major_tomm said. I’m sure if there is a non-touch version one day it will need a different PCB… or perhaps not, it could just not populate the chip landing, but I would expect the silk screen to be different regardless and the name to differ (slightly).