Mote - cpu utilization traffic light


Hi guys,

I have written a CPU utilization traffic light example for the mote, which seems to work. However being new to python I’m not sure if my code is correct?

I cant see how I’m telling the mote device how many leds to light up? I can see how I have set the different colours depending on the value of x is.

Here is my example: cpu traffic light

Look forward to your replies. Also if someone can tell me how to contribute to the repo that would be handy too.




To contribute to the official repo, all you need is a GitHub account and then fork the upstream repo. Once that’s done, add (or modify existing) files and make a ‘pull request’.

It will then be reviewed and accepted as is, modified for improvements or rarely rejected (in that last case you’ll normally know why, as @gadgetoid usually comments if there’s a breaking change that can’t be accepted).