Mote phat: first 2 led's randomly light

I’ve attached a mote phat to my Pi3 and connected a single mote stick to it.
Installed the software and wrote a script to turn the lights on and off when needed.
All great so far…

My issue is that when its just sat there waiting for the user to press the button to set the process off again (which will turn the lights on and then off again) I get random lights lighting.
its usually the first 2 led’s (but has happened with others).

Anyone else had this issue?
Any idea what might be causing it?


This comes up every now and then, and there’s a half decent explanation here: Motephat LEDs flash when changing brightness after a few minutes

And also from this post onwards: Best way to have Blinkt! display a solid color?

Thanks, I’ll have a look.