motePHAT troubleshooting

I have a motePHAT powering a single white mote stick and all had been working great.
However, I fired up the pi last night and … nothing.

It’s not been used for anything else (has a project on it that I’m now trying to complete) so the software hasnt changed.

I have tried everything i can think of. have tried running a really simple test using idle2, idle3, thonny, command line…nothing.
not a flicker.

At one point i did get a single led lit, but that was all on its own (I’ve brought this up on here before and its ‘stray voltage’ apparently).

So, is there anything i can do to troubleshoot where the issue is occurring?

This is the code i used for testing…

import motephat
#mote.configure_channel(1,16, false)

    for pixel in range(16):
        motephat.set_pixel(1, pixel, 255, 255, 255)

except KeyboardInterrupt: