My Pi doesn't find my ESP iot pHAT

so I download minicom, change my command.txt… everything the webpage guide linked to pimoroni’s esp pHAT, and as soon as i get to AT+CWMODE=1 the device disappears from my wifi devices on my desktop menu bar, and now none of my pi’s see the hat when I connect it. Is there a way to manually reset my esp pHAT? it used to show up on my pi’s. Could the hardware just be faulty?

that would be normal, that command in effect takes the ESP out of Access Point and into Station mode only, so its SSID will no longer appear to other computers (since it no longer broadcasts).

… I’ve got a tutorial coming up that goes into some details about that, but that’s in essence what I think your problem is.

oh, I guess the following might help you in the meantime:

AT+CWMODE=3 will return the ESP to STA+AP which is how it ships
you can also factory reset it with AT+RESTORE

Thank you, very helpful. People also need to understand to hit enter after each AT command before ctrl-J.