My Pi music player


I thought I would show you my music player based on A Pi 3b+ and IQAudio Digiamp+
Software is Volumio2.
The two boards above are powered by a 19volt ex. laptop supply. My music library which is a mixture of flac and mp3 formats is stored on a 500gb usb hard drive with separate 12volt power supply.
An illuminated push button on the front panel allows me to perform a soft shutdown and restart, while on the back panel I have fitted a rocker switch to switch off the mains supply to the player.
Also on the back panel are the speaker terminals, an sd card slot, and a usb connector for the hard drive to enable adding and modification to my music collection.
A few wires are soldered to several gpio pins for the indicator led and the push button, the button being connected via a couple of minature relay modules which has allowed me to use a single pole push button to perform two functions.
The box is plywood and pine, all sprayed black laquer. The front panel has an overlay of black polished perspex.
I can access the player from my pc using lanor from an android phone with the Volumio app. installed.


Nice, I like the wooden case. Getting all your odds and ends in a nice case can be a real challenge.


Thanks. I did a bit of working out with the components first. I was aiming to make the box as small as I could but not struggle too much getting it all in. Even so there were the inevitable mistakes, like the sd card slot being difficult to get to. ( now mounted on back of box ) You will have spotted the ‘Blue Peter’ style cereal box model - always a good idea to do this to get a cutting list worked out.
I am planning to build another unit of some description in the near future