Need to Update the Dock

I have resurrected my Flotilla for a science festival we are doing, but I have a problem.

It is saying that my dock needs updating, I have run the bash script to update but it says that installer
will not work on this version of Raspbain (3.1)

What do I need to do, please?

As a work around, if its any model of Pi “except” a Pi 4, you can run a previous version of Raspbian like Stretch. You can get it here.

Thanks I will give it a try

I have updated the dock and it now works with Rockpool in my Laptop (windows10) but the pi will not recognise the dock, even if I tell it the IP address

That I can’t help you with. I don’t own a Flotilla and have never used one. =(

Also have a look here at this post it has details of how you can edit a config file to make it work.

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