Raspbian Stretch can't support Flotilla Dock?

We can’t find the Dock on the latest Raspbian Stretch.
The “TALKING” blue LED of the Dock is pulsing.
We install the Flotilla software again and again.

Could you please help us?


I don’t believe the Flotilla software has been updated to work with Stretch as yet. If possible, please roll back to Raspbian Jessie for now . If that’s not possible, Phil’s posted some instructions here that may get it working: Raspbian stretch and flotilla

Hope that helps.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your information.

I will try the instructions of “Raspbian stretch and flotilla”.

Best regards,


Hi Matt,

We did the instructions in “Raspbian stretch and flotilla”, though still we can’t connect the dock.

We will check on Jessie later.

Thank you.