New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Updated with side art!








Thank you


That looks great!! Thank you for sharing a picture!! How did it print? I have much higher resolution files if you would like them.


Printed fine thanks as only had a normal A4 inkjet printer, so had to reduce it down a bit.


wow that is amazing. Thank you both. This has grown so much. I enjoy to see what is posted next.


defender with original control panel and screen overlay, just need to get it printed now somewhere


Very nice!! Keep contributing please.



Does anyone here sells this artwork?


No I don’t sell it. Can’t speak for anyone else. I just started doing it because I bought a Picade and didn’t find much artwork for it. If you want something I did I can supply the artwork. Just a community thing.


I’ve been a fan of your work for the past year or so. I just dont have the equipment to print on the right paper or size


What I did was take the art work that came with the picade and took it to a local print shop and let them print it to that size as a reference. They tried it 2 times to get it right and it worked fine. Mine was printed in a card stock type paper.


i used A4 photo paper to print mine, all i did was layout the template, then once finished import into photoshop, i then created a new A4 blank in photoshop, dragged the image into the blank, and printed the top marquee on 1 page, the bottom control panel on 2 pages, left side and right, then spliced with a slight overlap in the middle. same with the tft bezel, top half then bottom half.

i couldn’t find anyone with a3+ either only a3 and same as a4 they done fit, a2 fit fine but become expensive to print

hope this helps people printing their own nice and cheap :)


A finished Galaga cabinet!