New Artwork for Picade Cabinet





All of the artwork that I have posted is at about 3/4 resolution. If interested, PM me for full resolution files.


Hi, could you do the bottom Dragons’s Lair with Side Panels, that would make an awesome cab?


These are amazing but how on earth do I use one when my printer only prints A4 maximum size?



honestly this is how I did it. I took it to a printing shop on a thumb drive. I then also took the template the picade came with. I told them to make it that exact same size with the holes matching. Took them like 30 mins and knocked it out.


That’s awesome! but sadly there’s no such shops around here so I’d have to do it myself and I’m not rich enough to buy an A3 printer to just print one image lol.
I will try and find a way of doing it on A4 …in parts?..


Mine wasn’t a3 . It was like some card stock.




Wheelhorse, I love your ‘Multicade’ artwork.
it’s so cool and just what I’ve been looking for.

But, do you know how I can print this out when my printer is only A4? I don’t mind printing it in sections and sticking it together but I’m not sure how to do that. any tips or a guide?


Thank you!!! I think that there are online services that can print it for you. If you are set on printing it yourself I will see If I can find a way to split it up to work on your printer. No promises, but ill see what I can do. I think the marquee and control panel may work out(control panel would be 2 pieces), but the screen will be a problem, It would take four prints spliced together. I think if you cut and paste too much it may look better to use the factory Picade art.

Any local sign shop, print shop, or photo shop would be able to print these without spicing them together. Walgreens can print them for under $20.00. It would look great on glossy photo paper!!!


Here is a updated Mortal Kombat set!!


Pac-Man Picade ready to go. Thanks to Wheelhorse.


That looks great!! Thank you for sharing the picture!!!



I want to say a HUGE thank you to Wheelhorse for his awesome artwork and for him being so kind and taking the time to make the artwork A4 for me! Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Here is my baby and doesn’t she look gorgeous!


That looks great! Thank you for sharing the picture!!


Wow that is amazing. I hope others share pics.