New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Dear Luis

this is the artwork I was speaking of

It would be great getting it in original size.
I was looking for Dragon’s Lair Picade artwork as well.
Do you have it?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!


Dear Luis
If possible also this one in original size

Thanks a lot!


How to get them?Shall I pay for it?


I will send them to you next week. I am on holiday and will get back home
this weekend.


You’re the best! Thanks a lot!


This thread is amazing! Some incredible stuff here, bravo!




Dear all
Is anyone able to print picade artwork vinyl sticker and ship as well? Obviously I’ll pay for it. Otherwise please suggest a good provider. Thanks guys! Sergio


I had good luck at a local sign/vehicle lettering shop. They were very helpful.


Wow I would have never thought of that. What prices?


I paid $60.00 to have the marquee, bezel, CPO, 2 side and front done. They are printed on vinyl sticker (same as used for vehicle graphics). The 2 side and front are laminated to give a really nice shine. All other pieces are not laminated.


Hi there
I’m loving the artwork you are doing here. Is it possible to get a HD copy of the BW Pie one for printing purposes. I think that would look perfect. No problem if this can’t be done.

Thanks again.


HD? Which one are you talking about?


Hi there
The best quality to get printed off. The one I was referring to was this one.


Hi all
About vehicle lettering shop for artwork printout do you have any suggested name for online service? Thanks a lot!



I don’t have any online recommendations. I used a local shop. They were very helpful, even showing me how to install and cut them. I think if you called any local sign/vehicle graphics shop they would be able to help you out.


My Donkey Kong Picade next to my actual Donkey Kong cabinet. Really like the art Angel77lopez has shared with us!


Wow that is amazing. Thank you for sharing. It would be nice if others shared the finished product after using one of the templates.