New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Here is a JPG. It would not let me upload other file types. PM me your email address and I will email the PSD file to you. This template is made from the Fix it Felix that you posted in another thread. The sides are a little bit oversized, but that allows you to trim it after it has been installed. It worked great for me.


Here are two that I have done.



I am thinking about building one with two joysticks for games like Robotron, or Karate Champ.



wow you making some good stuff. keep it up. I been busy with work so I am glad to kept it up from where I left off.



Thank you. I’ll keep posting them!!








I like how these turned out, but i don’t like the CPO colors.



Wow amazing work. There are so many options now. Full artwork from you and basic marquee and control panel from me.


Thank you. Yea, there are plenty of options now. I think that is great! I’d love to see pictures of other PiCade’s with custom art, or any other custom features. Thank you for starting this thread!

I may do a couple more, but i am about done randomly making new artwork. If anyone has any requests, I’d be happy to give it my best shot.


Hi, could you send me this artwork in original size? That’s great! Thanks.


Which artwork do you speak of?