New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


That looks great!!! Keep them coming!!. I may have to do another one.


Love the design. Do you happen to have the original background image? Would like to try myself.


Love the design. Do you happen to have the original background image? I mean the b/w with all the logos? Would like to try myself.


Hi there these are awesome! Can I have the pad file for this space invaders and Donkey Kong (black bezel). I have the standard 8 inch screen. Have you done any of the sides?


Who made it wheelhorse or I did?


The black and white or color?


Thanks for your reply. I meant the b/w background with all the classic arcade companies like Capcom, Sega, Midway, Nintendo etc.
Love that theme and would like to create my own artwork with that as a background. Trying to create it myself from scratch but if you have the background in HD handy that would be awesome. psd, pdf, png, jpg. Whatever you have


Here you go.


Can I have the colour HD version of this graphic?


Thank you so much. Appreciate it.
You saved me a lot of time and nerve.




Hi guys, i’ll make a Picade for my father and I would like to put a James Bond 007 Artwork on the Picade. Do you have one by any chance ?

Thanks a lot and you did a great job Btw !


You mean like James bond the game or movie?


Hi Angel !

Hmm, the movie indeed, GoldenEye or those with Sean Connery would be great!


OK what you think of these? Am I warm or you want something different?


No it’s Perfect !

Thanks a lot for your work !


Pm me your email address so I can send you the hi res one



I love to get the PSD file for these. I’d be able to create a custom one of whatever, maybe star wars or something sci-fi like. Anyone have them available? The fronts, sides, and bezel? These are some really killer designs!



I only have the psd of the regular. PM me your email and I can get it for you.