New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


I really really want to thank you !!! Thx for everything


Sanwa Joystick + sanwa buttons 😎


Wow that is amazing. Enjoy it!


That looks great!! Thank you for posting pictures!!



Here you go. Hope you like.



DK for new 2018 Picade


It’s amazing, just what I need. Thank you very much for such a great job.

Its very, very nice…

Now I just need to finish my new house “one year of these” to start unpacking my things…

Nine months are 270 days for everyone, less for home builders …



I’m new here, congratulations for your work.
I have a question, is this latest Donkey Kong art for the new Picade? Is it just undo and print?
Thank you very much, greetings!


Yes it is for new picade. I rather send you a higher res image. I will need you to pm me your email address so I can it to you.