New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


I really really want to thank you !!! Thx for everything


Sanwa Joystick + sanwa buttons 😎


Wow that is amazing. Enjoy it!


That looks great!! Thank you for posting pictures!!



Here you go. Hope you like.


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DK for new 2018 Picade


It’s amazing, just what I need. Thank you very much for such a great job.

Its very, very nice…

Now I just need to finish my new house “one year of these” to start unpacking my things…

Nine months are 270 days for everyone, less for home builders …




I’m new here, congratulations for your work.
I have a question, is this latest Donkey Kong art for the new Picade? Is it just undo and print?
Thank you very much, greetings!


Yes it is for new picade. I rather send you a higher res image. I will need you to pm me your email address so I can it to you.


I have a question about the images.
Do the images have to be printed on vinyl or on plain paper of good quality?
I await your response, thank you very much and greet the forum!


It says a4 paper on the original. When I took mine to be printed I asked for the paper they use for business cards. So about that thickness.


Thank you very much for your response Angel.
A greeting!


Hi Everyone,

Seeing some amazing artwork. I just got the 8" and 10" picade (one each for my two sons for xmas). Does anyone have X-men artwork for both sizes?

Have a great upcoming holiday,

thanks in advance.


I can come up with something. The picade is the size size. Only difference is you don’t use that bezel if you using the 10 inch cab and the 8 inch you could use the bezel for the screen. You want xmen the same for both?


Hello could you send me The full size of pacman for The old picade


That would be wonderful, thank you so much.

Do you have different types of art work for xmen?



Which post number are you asking?