New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Hi, I’m looking to create a Batman / Joker cabinet (full set). I’ve collected some artwork but have struggled to create the templates. Would anyone be interested in helping set up the templates for me?




Hello wheelhorse the frame of the screen is upside down! Your captain America is amazing. Can you correct it pleasd


I am talking about the captain america theme


Im not sure i understand. What do you mean “the frame of the screen”?


this is for the birthday of my son. in fact the pimoroni template is wrong, the screen is upside down so unfortunatly all the artwork are WRONG for the new picade :( let me know if you can fix the captain america theme. thx !!!


Excuse my english im french. You have done your artwork via the pimoroni template. But the template is wrong. The top of the bezel is the down! You have to consider the top as the down for the bezel image|375x500


In my pic you can see than the top is smaller than the down. This is the opposite in the template.the top must be smaller than the down. Unfortunatly ALL the artworks are wrong (for the new picade)


I don’t have a new picade but shouldn’t it still fit the same? Can you just flip the Plexiglas with it and still fit fine?


No i try but not possible because of the screen driver pcb


I will update the template. I will also fix the Captain America theme for you. PM your email address and I will send you the corrected art.


The you are The Man!!!


Hey can I get an updated template so I can do them right?


No problem. I will send it to you tomorrow.


I liked the artworks i’ve seen here …
I thank you for the magnificent work, you are true artists.
For this i am a total zero.
And i’m going to make a request, in case someone can attend to it.
I would like to have an artwork inspired by the Sinclair ZX Spectrum …
Would it be possible?
Thanks in advance.

My apologies, i am born in Spain and i do not speak English very well.


@Wheelhorse and @angel77lopez I really love the work you guys are doing and I’m getting ready to buy my first picade. I plan on using your templates but I’m curious if you could make me a custom one.
It isn’t based off a game or anything like that. My best friend passed away recently and one of our favourite things to do was to play my arcade collections. He was a dachshund, he absolutely loved the sounds of my mini arcades and would sit on my lap for hours watching the games.
I began working on my own template but I find it difficult right now looking at all the cartoon dachshunds on the internet.
I even came up with a marquee I thought was funny “wienRcade”. I just can’t bring myself to finish the design.
Would either of you like to do this for me? I wanted to send a message on here but it won’t let me yet. I have no specific request for what it should look like, I just wanted cartoon dachshunds all over it.
I really appreciate you guys reading this and I look forward to the continued work you guys put out here. Thank you so much for your creativity and the way you give your art away so freely.

Thank you,


O wow I have 2 wiiny dogs too. I can work it tonight. Do you have the old picade or the new one that just came out?


They are such amazing dogs and they have great personalities. Two of them would be a riot to witness together hahaha.
Thank you so much for responding, that does mean a lot to me. I am buying the new version of the picade next week so I have about two weeks with shipping. Feel free to take your time and use those little guys as inspiration.
I really look forward to what you come up with, your work is stunning.


OK cool I will get one done tonight and see what you think.


Trust me I have time. I am off work this week. I put this together yesterday. I designed the artwork myself.