New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


I think is days a4 on the template’s but I just told them to use paper that they use for business cards


Just one more (2) request, could you do a Paperboy and Streets of Rage 2 one? 🙏😁
I can print at work which helps! 😄




Would it be possible to get the space invaders original file please ? these are great work !


Can you give us the post number?


@angel77lopez Would it be possible to do a NEO GEO MVS for New Picade v2 ?


I can try my best. May not look exactly like that.




Hi its on 140/610



Thank you I will go try to print it out.


Wheelhorse, could I bother you to send me your original files for the Pac-Man, including the side pieces?

Also, do you have printing recommendations for online services?



What version of the Picade do you have? The original, or the new smaller one? PM your email address and I can send them to you.



Finally finished by Picade refurb; it took a few more weekends than I planned.

Many, many thanks to @Wheelhorse for the Pac-Man imagery.

Full blow by blow build account can be read here.




That looks amazing. I wish I had an 8 button Picade!


I have control board with broken firmware that make a buzzing noise if you are interested.



What I meant was the wood shell.


Hi I just buy my new picade and I am very happy of it ! All the artworks are amazing !!! Can you try to create a one like the japanese neogeo mini ? in high resolution. great work ! thx


Can I see a Pic of it?