New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Great thread. :D
Didn’t see a Bubble Bobble one?
There has to be one tho, surely.


Are you talking for the old picade or the new one
The old one has one on post 33 and 34.


The old one I guess.
Only recently bought it second hand so not 100% sure…
It has 2 buttons on each side.
Sculling back through to check out posts you suggested.


OK yes that’s the old one. If you like the template let me know. I can send it to you


The one on post 34 is the one i would like please.


Pm me your email address.


New Picade

Old Picade


Finally got around to adding the artwork that @Wheelhorse was super kind to create for my daughter! She was super excited to have her own custom Picade. We will be showing it off in the Seoul MakerFaire next weekend!!


Wow super nice. I am sure it will get plenty of looks. Enjoy!


I posted this in another thread but got no replies. Maybe here I will. I am interested in the new picade but want a bigger screen. I have the old picade and upgraded to 12.1 inch screen. So my question is how big screen could be upgraded to for the new picade. Just off looks it looks like it fit a 10.1 inch screen. Any thoughts?


I would say you should be able to get a 10.1 inch screen. Might be kind of tight. You would probably have to replace the plastic screen cover.



Hi mate, just about to get a New Picade, I would be eternally grateful if you could make an R-Type and/ or Axelay full cover for the cabinet! 😁 P. S. Loving the work so far! 👍






You sir are a legend!!! 😁
Now I don’t know which one to pick, they’re both Ace!
Noob question how do I get the size right printing off?

P. S. Anyone who hasn’t played Axelay, try it, it’s one of the best shooters out there (SNES).


What did was pick a place to print them locally and take them the physical ones that came with the Picade so they can use them as a reference. I did it twice and it worked out. Then they saved that file. I have changed my theme a few times now so when I take it in they have the files saved with the right dimensions.


Do I print to A4 or A3 for the right dimensions?
Thanks again. :-)