New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


I don’t have any. I will need to t create it. Either me or wheel horse.


I have done X-Men art. Take a look at post 575. If you like it PM your email address to me and i can send the high res images. I assume you have one old Picade and one new one?


Not sure if you saw but now they sell the new 2018 picade with 8 inch and a 10 inch version. I think he talking about the new one.



Yes, I just got the 8" and the just updated 10" as well.


OH just saw it. Yes, that is very nice. :)


Couldn’t figure out how to PM. lol

@angel77lopez I saw a graphic that you created on post 491 of all the game systems. Any chance I could get the artwork file for that? My son would love that blown up as a poster :)


Wheelhorse, could I bother you to send me your file for Pac-Man.
I have The old picade:


Ok if you also have Streets of rage it would be Nice too


I don’t have a hi res of that one. That all I have.


I would like to have n 14


What is n 14?..


Screenshot_20181218-145425 This I want


Oh wow! We are going to need another template.



Wheelhorse ,Angel77lopez, anyone!..

Do you have a PostScript version of the new full picade template i.e. sides,marquee, screen bezel and control panel that you would be willing to share please?

I have some artwork but the printers that I am using have requested for the PostScript file as that would show the vector information . The files that I have submitted are pdf but apparently lack the vector information. (I’m in a little over my head here)

Any help would really be appreciated.


Hey. I don’t even know what that means.


Thanks for getting back to me.

Me neither ! I’m told PostScript is basically an infinitely scalable format for linework - e.g. the side template would be classed as linework. Apparently is used for high quality printing. I’m told the Cutters need PostScript as .png files are just squares/pixels.

Do you have the side template file in any other format than the .png version that I can see in the forums?
This is the file that is being questioned:




I cant help you. Everything I do is non-vector.