New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Hey you two,

I think i’ve got it sorted now. A friend has amended the artwork for me.

Thanks for responding though.


Hello Buccanneers! I’m new to this forum.

First of all Wheelhorse and angel77lopez the artwork you guys are creating is amazing!
I just bought the new 10 inch Picade and would love to use the same Pac Man template as Wolrdtripping used for his refurbished Picade.
But I understand if you don’t have the time for it =)
Anyway it was a pleasure reading the whole thread!



Not quite up to WH or A7s standard, but sharing a pic as I love to see others for inspiration. :-) PM me if you would like a copy of the artwork I printed at home on A4 - this is the new Picade, 10inch with the plasma buttons added [image1|375x500]


Cool! I was thinking of plasma buttons to, but decided to wait. How do they look when the cabinet is turned off?


They look great. It’s easy to change the colours via a picture file. These mainly stay on the colours you see but periodically the front red ones ‘throb’ like a heart and the 6 buttons chase round in a circle.
I do see one issue which is the screen can reset itself briefly when lots of white appears (smart bomb on defender for example) and I wonder if it’s oltage drop. The plasma buttons may be contributing. Need to do some tests. I’m glad I have them.


Just spotted you mention when OFF. Lol. I’ll get a pic up later. Looks ok.


That would be great!


The pi with the 10 plasma buttons and the 10inch screen is pushing the limit on the official usb power supply. Need to turn brightness down on screen to prevent odd screen issue


Looks neat! I chose Sanwa buttons, but maybe in the future I will try the led ones.


Looks great!! I really like your lighted buttons. I just bought a new Picade with the smaller 8" screen. I may try buttons like those.


Hi love the layout, do you have the Popeye and Donkey Kong layout for New Picade with 10 inch screen?


Hi Wheelhorse love your design layouts, do you have Popeye and Donkey Kong layouts for New Picade with 10 inch screen, if so can you please email me the design, I want to vinyl print it to wrap my Picade? My email address is



By request.


One word, amazing! 👍😀


Hello WH, where can I get the Defender graphics at? I am actually looking at doing a custom button layout that better replicates the original game.




PM your email address for me and i can send what i have. If you send me a scan of your control panel with the custom layout, i will remake control panel to work/look better with your buttons.


Hey, thanks for the reply. Appreciate the offer unfortunately I am a new member and cannot PM yet. Will have to wait until I am level 2 I guess LOL.




Wow amazing work. Very nice!