New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Hi Wheelhorse,

I’m new to this forum, joined as I wanted to message you… VERY impressed with your designs, they’re great! I have afew questions but I don’t know how to PM??
Mainly was interested in the template for the picade skins… some info on printing and also on the picade machine itself.
If you could let me know how to private message you I’ll get those questions to you…



wow these look like you could make money on these? very clean and professional. thanks for contributing.


Thank you! That means a lot. I enjoy learning new tricks with Photoshop. I have a new PiCade with the 8" screen that I will be building soon. I am still trying to decide what art to put on it. I am a huge Marvel fan, so I may use this one. Not sure yet.




Your designs are really great! How are you printing them? Also, is there a photoshop template to create these posted?

Thank you!!


Thank you. I have had mine printed on adhesive vinyl at a shop that does vehicle lettering. I have the sides and bottom front laminated to protect them. It also gives it a very nice glossy finish. Do not have the marquee, screen, or CPO laminated. The laminate compresses under the plexiglass and makes it look like water is under it. I have templates for the art. PM your email address to me and i will send them to you.


@Wheelhorse PM sent. Thanks again!



Wow makes me want to use this metal slug. It’s nice.


I used it on my picade. I like how it turned out.




Hey everyone.
Amazing work here I am fascinated to seeing what you guys have been doing lately. I am thinking of getting a picade, and I really liked your design on post 644 (Spiderman) and also might go for the Donkey Kong one. How am I supposed to print it to scale? Like which format (A3, A4 etc.) do we need and would you recommend printing it on a regular laser printer?

Keep up the great work guys!



Hi Wheelhorse I have a 10 inch Picade and would like to give it a Galaga or Joust theme. If you have anything that I can use I would appreciate it as I am not computer savvy at all I cant even figure out how to post on the forum so this reply is all I have. If you can help me my email is
Kind Regards


I can send you galaga tomorrow, I have not done a Joust for the smaller PiCade yet, but i can if you want it.


Galaga would be awesome . I have the new Picade with the 10 inch screen . Thanks for helping me out.
Kind regards


By request.


wow. Wheelhorse - nice work. I need that Defender set!!