New Artwork for Picade Cabinet



Hey Wheelhorse,

How do I print the artwork you put on this forum to scale? I want to use the Spiderman one on post 644. Can you send me files I will need to get the graphics to scale or is it fine already?


Does anyone on the forum know where I can get this artwork properly printed for the picade 2018?


Wheelhorse could you send me the templates to print your artwork for the picade 2018? Thanks so much!


Very cool work Wheelhorse, I love the Q-Bert, I just bought the new 10 Inch Picade, I just looked over all the artwork here, I didn’t see my personal favorite, “Rampage World Tour” or Atari’s Kangaroo would look great

If you or anyone else here could make the art for the new Picade 10 inch, I would love to theme my Picade in either Rampage World Tour or Kangaroo. great work


I know this is a old post but i would like the PSD files from Photoshop and PNG file format please! Could you send it to


Which post or artwork you asking for?


Sorry to bother you. I love the work you do. I have an original Picade but I just bought one of the 10 inch (9.7) screens from Pimoroni. I’m looking to replace the artwork and bezel. Do you have Donkey Kong with a 10-inch screen bezel?


Sorry to bother you. I love the work you do. I have an original Picade but I just bought one of the 10 inch (9.7) screens from Pimoroni. I’m looking to replace the artwork and bezel. Do you have Q-Bert with a 10-inch screen bezel?


That’s tricky. OK so you have the picade before this new one and you have a 10 inch screen? I have the same picade but mine has a 12 inch screen. We don’t have a template for a 10 inch at the moment. Wheelhorse what are your thoughts? You have a 10 inch bezel temp?


I assume he has the new Picade with the upgraded 10" screen. If that is true i do not have a template for bezel art. I don’t think there would be enough room for art anyway. It may be best to buy a piece of heavy black paper and cut a new bezel surround.


No. I have the old Picade. I’ve had it for more than a year. I made my own artwork with a template I had that had cutouts for the 8 inch screen and 12 inch screen. I searched for a working 12 inch screen for a long time (even bought one that arrived dead), bought the proper board for that screen and everything. Gave up after a time. When I learned Pimoroni was selling 10 inch (9.7) 4:3 screens, I bought one. That’s where I’m at now. I am an American but my wife and son are UK citizens. We visit England often. I made my artwork of him at Conway Castle for my SABORAMA. I’m kind of bored with this artwork and was thinking that now that I am changing out the screen, I may just mod it all to look like a Donkey Kong or Q-Bert.


Ok, i can make a template for that. Send me the Length and Height of the new screen and i will modify the template to work with your screen. It may take me till Monday, but i will get it done. PM your email address to me so i can sent you the complete art to you.

Angel. Do you want to handle the Donkey Kong? I can send you the template when i finish it.


Sure. I can do my best. Let me know when you have it.


Well why can’t he use this qbert one you made

All we would have to do is maybe make a new bezel.


Also for Dk this should work and fill in the 9.7 part with black.


I know this is not the sections for this but hey I wanted to share my new arcade. I have the old picade with a 12.1 inch screen which I love but I now have a new 49 inch tall arcade cabinet. Its like the height of an arcade 1up but wider and not a toy. It is built to last and has a 22 inch asus screen. I am posting it here to share it and also it was inspired by my picade. I learned so much from putting my picade together that I decided to get something bigger. I just bought the wood kit and everything else separately. The marquee even lights up. The best part about it is me and my 6 year old daughter put it together.

I put together my artwork myself. Don’t judge me for the 2 unicorns on the right side of the control panel. My daughter made that decision…lol


I’m working on re-working that bezel now.


Yep, ill just redo the bezel. The rest will work fine.


Wow!! I love that. Is it a full size arcade? Did you build it?