New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


well I wouldn’t say full size. It’s 49 inches tall. I can get a riser to make it taller. It was really me and my daughter to play so it is a good size for her to stand up and play. She is 6 years old. I am 40 so hell I don’t mind sitting down and playing. I ordered the wood kit that came with the plexiglass and t molding. I designed the art and sent it to the guy and he applied the art for me. I would have liked to do it myself so I could center the control panel better but hey. All the other stuff I ordered from amazon and I put it together in 2 days.

I made this other one 2 months ago but I sold it to get the new one.


I am confused by the image size of the template and the beautiful artwork you have posted here. When I open up these images, they are 68.903 inches by 48.681 inches at 72 dpi. I was considering sending one of them off to a service that prints in vinyl but I’m perplexed as to what size they will print it with these dimensions. Please help? I’ve tried printing the image that doesn’t include the side panels with a A3 print size and use shrink to fit media but they come out a bit large. More large than just the bleed.


It is best of you send me your email address. I will email you a full resolution file, without the buttons and holes pictured on them. They are all at 300dpi. you cannot use shrink to fit. It will change the size. What art do you want


Hi Wheelhorse. Your designs are fantastic.
I’ve recently purchased the new Picade with the 10" screen.
Would you be able to send me the Red NEO GEO MVS design at 300dpi,if you had time, so I can use it on my build?
Would be greatly appreciated


screen hole should be 5-7/8" x 7 5/8"


I have an original PICADE or old PICADE. I’m not sure what we are calling them. I never managed to find one of the 12-inch screens but recently purchased one of Pimoroni’s new 10-inch screens (9.7"). After looking around for a template, I decided to make one myself. Here it is:


We are going to need something better than a jpeg.


Here is my 2018-2019 Picade with temporary Spiderman Art. The art is going to get changed soon.


Looks wonderful. Hard to pick what art you want on it right.


It is. I think i am going to use the Marvel theme. Not sure yet.



Here’s how my Picade turned out using Wheelhorse’s Defender theme!

I got it printed via ebay for about a tenner.
I have no affiliation with them, but sharing as I know people keep asking where to print it. I got the sticky version, laminated. It all fits on A2 thanks to Wheelhorse playing around with the file for me. ![


Wow. That looks great!! I love the buttons.


Hi angel77lopez, want to get printable version of your RP .jpeg for my Picade. My email is Thanks loads!