New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Has anyone done a Tempest Artwork for it?




This may be off topic, but I thought I would share. These are a couple patterns for cornhole (bean bag toss) boards that I came up with. I can share the files with anyone that is interested. These are for 2’x4’ boards. They are the only ones that I plan to do. I do not want to modify them for the smaller boards. Just offering what I have already done.


I’d really like to get printable versions of a few of the designs as well, so I can switch them around on the Picade I just in installed for my co-workers and me. Wheelhorse, can you please PM me for details?


OMG that Marvel one looks awesome!


Thanks a lot, Wheelhorse


That is “the dogs”.


Hello all. Finished my Picade yesterday.! Swapped the buttons and joystick for Sanwa’s.IMG_20190317_112456|281x500


Wow. That looks great!!!


Wowww great job man!!!


I am new to the forum and I got my picade a couple of month back. Loving it.
Would love to turn it into a simpsons version.

Any chance to see the artwork coming up soon?

Here is a arcade 1up as an idea… Thanks!!

I would not mind the family on the bezel or button panel if it looks nice



Woow. sweet! Thanks Wheelhorse!
Any bezel available?
How do I get the full size file?



Do we still need to PM to get the full size files? Looking for this Dragons Lair.


Hi there, I am interested in in your Donkey Kong files for the new Picade. Do you also have the blue sides? I have a Roland vinyl printer/cutter and want to give this a whirl on my new Picade (10 inch screen) Maybe I’d be able to provide a service for the fine folks in this forum?