New Artwork for Picade Cabinet


Has anyone done a Tempest Artwork for it?




This may be off topic, but I thought I would share. These are a couple patterns for cornhole (bean bag toss) boards that I came up with. I can share the files with anyone that is interested. These are for 2’x4’ boards. They are the only ones that I plan to do. I do not want to modify them for the smaller boards. Just offering what I have already done.


I’d really like to get printable versions of a few of the designs as well, so I can switch them around on the Picade I just in installed for my co-workers and me. Wheelhorse, can you please PM me for details?


OMG that Marvel one looks awesome!

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Thanks a lot, Wheelhorse


That is “the dogs”.


Hello all. Finished my Picade yesterday.! Swapped the buttons and joystick for Sanwa’s.IMG_20190317_112456|281x500


Wow. That looks great!!!

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Wowww great job man!!!

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I am new to the forum and I got my picade a couple of month back. Loving it.
Would love to turn it into a simpsons version.

Any chance to see the artwork coming up soon?

Here is a arcade 1up as an idea… Thanks!!

I would not mind the family on the bezel or button panel if it looks nice


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Woow. sweet! Thanks Wheelhorse!
Any bezel available?
How do I get the full size file?



Do we still need to PM to get the full size files? Looking for this Dragons Lair.


Hi there, I am interested in in your Donkey Kong files for the new Picade. Do you also have the blue sides? I have a Roland vinyl printer/cutter and want to give this a whirl on my new Picade (10 inch screen) Maybe I’d be able to provide a service for the fine folks in this forum?



Finished my Neo Geo Picade. Swapped the stick for a Sanwa JLF and swapped the internal PCB with micro-switches for an optical one for durability and silent operation. Also added a 2lb tension spring for firmer feedback and swapped all the buttons for Sanwa silents. Metal Slug never felt better.
Massive! thanks to Wheelhorse for the artwork.


Wow that is amazing.


Woah! This is so cool. I really liked that you added a 2lb tension spring for this source. Also, the detailing looks so slick.