Hi. First excuse me for my poor english. I’m french and it’s a little difficult for me to speak english properly.
I just received my new 8 arcade cabinet and i’m a little confused. It’s a pico 8 édition
First of all i didn’t think there was a pico édition with the 8 screen and i don’t know with tutorial follow.
Secondly, i don’t have instruction poster in the box? So is there any ways i can get a digital one ?
And finally i don’t have the cool rainbow draw around the screen, i just have a black piece on the two sides (see the picture)
Everything is normal, or i have a bad number ?
Thanks for your help

They must have also updated the 8 inch edition? I’m thinking it was a clip and past error and they forgot to change the 10" to 8"?

**As of November 2020, our 10" Picade now comes bundled with PICO-8. We’ve also given the 10" edition some lovely new, retro-styled artwork as well as making improvements and simplifications to the build process! ***
Assuming this is the one you bought.
Picade – Pimoroni

This should help
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Thanks a lot for reply. I don’t know what to think about my box…it’s very curious, they never speak about the 8 inch pico 8 version.
But what’s realy bother me is black screen bezel with no artwork? Do you think it’s a mistake or it’s like this in the new version?
Do you think i can find the original artwork and print it?

I don’t own a Picade so I don’t know the answer(s)?

Thanks a lot anyway. Answers are always apreciate…
Maybe support will help me.