New picade volume control


How do I adjust volume on the new picade


If I remember correctly; hit start in the EmulationStation menu and go into audio settings.


but which of the buttons on the picade is start, i have pressed them all


It depends which one you configured as start when setting up the controls. For me it’s always the front left.


found my probloem, I am using an existing retro pi config that already had a controler & keyboard configured.
no just need to work output the best keys to remap
front buttons definitely seem to be the ones to use


Yup, Start/Select all the way for me!

This is my configuration: New Picade - Software configuration issues

[LT] /--------------------------------\ [RT]
           [U]           [B] [Y] [RS]
        [L][D][R]      [A] [X] [LS]
        [START]             [SELECT]

But then I play GBA games on it, so take my advice with a pinch of salt!


Thanks, this is just the sort of suggestion I was looking for
although i will probably swap start & select as these buttons are used for coin & player 1 start in mame with start on the right