No sound using HDMI - VGA adaptor

I´ve recently purchased the HDMI - VGA adaptor from Pimoroni and whilst the visual side of things is great and works on different screens well I get no audio from the audio jack no matter what I plug into it.
Am I doing something wrong here or is there a way of using the audio jack on the pi for the audio and the adaptor for the video?

Many thanks,

I haven’t tried those, but I’m not sure whether audio will be routed to HDMI automatically.


curl | bash

option 2 is probably sufficient, but maybe try option 3 as well if that does not work. If all fails, it should certainly be possible to route audio to the 3.5mm jack using option 1 (and obviously plugging your speaker directly to the Pi rather than the adapter).

incidentally, the above script does the same thing as raspi-config if you don’t have internet access (or just want to know the ‘official’ way to configure audio on the Pi).

… well there’s a bit more going on for option 3 which is why we got this script around, and why I mention it here since there is no directly available equivalent on Raspbian and it may prove useful.

Thanks for that. It´s certainly a work round for now although I´m still no closer to figuring out why the adaptor isn´t doing what it should.