No sounds thru speakers, only headphones


Hi all,

Built my picade, its running nicely except I can only seem to get sound through headphones plugged into the picade board.

I checked the wiring to the speakers and its fine.

No wires interfering with the board at all

I set audio out through the 3.5mm jack and set volume to 70%, not a single peep or hiss or anything out of the speakers at all.

tried restarting, hit reset on picade board, checked power supply.

Run out of ideas, anyone have any?




In all seriousness have you tried turning up the volume on the cabinet buttons? I fell foul if this!


Haha Victory! You were spot on! Its funny the buttons weren’t working like how they meant to (as per the picade board), e.g. the coin button was working as select for emulatorstation and then suddenly it all came together and started working



No worries, same thing happened to me! 😀