Hello all,

Has anyone built a NOISEMAKER yet? Is there a pdf/video/article anywhere?

We have, and there’s no documentation for it yet as far as I know. I’m also still working on the Cookbook project for it ( the browser-based software which will power it ), which is taking me down some winding roads of music theory and algorithmic melody generation.

Thanks Phil, can you please at least post a photo of it at some point? I am not 100% sure of how it should be assembled.

See @blogmywiki lovely assembly here:


What actually makes the noise though? I see lots of inputs on there. What’s the output? I don’t really understand what the noisemaker is meant to be.

The Noisemaker uses the Flotilla inputs as a “control surface” for a software synthesizer. All the sound is generated in your browser, and output through your laptop/PC/Pi speakers depending on what you use to run it.

I must sound like a stuck record at this point, but It’ll get a shiny new UI and some tweaks to make this clearer when ShipShape is finished.

Ahh… I see. Is this visible somewhere yet? Cause at the moment all I see when I connect to the cookbook is mood light and weather station.

Sounds like a no. :)

It’s lurking here. Not sure what state I left it in :(

I’ll have a play with it.

Out of interest why aren’t there any Flotilla modules that make a noise?

You haven’t tried stepping on a Motor barefoot yet, have you?

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We’ve got some ideas for some, but they didn’t make the initial cull- the Pi is already pretty good at making sounds!

mmm… PC Speaker ( module


But my Pi doesn’t have a speaker.

I have the Pi foundation touchscreen on mine. But are they going to make a touchscreen/speaker unit? :) Then they could do a keyboard with built-in trackpad and at last we’ve have something we could use in schools.

I take your point about stepping on a motor. Lego bricks make a similar noise.