Hello! My is Kevin I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi B+ I would like to know is impossible to run a media Center in order to strain television movies sports and live TV similar to that of the raspberry pie 3 unfortunately upon the initial boot of the Raspberry Pi B + I see picture of a road as a screensaver and out the top the header of series of icons mostly showing how to use the pie as a computer system I would like to know if you have any information on this and how I can turn the raspberry pi B+ into a media center thank you

You can use LibreELEC USB-SD Creator to rewrite your SD card to LibreELEC, which is a media centre distribution build around KODI (formerly known as XBMC).

Or if you’re comfortable writing image files directly:

I recommend LibreELEC because I couldn’t find any evidence that OpenELEC has been updated to support the 3B+ yet. There are other media centre operating systems out there, though.

I’ve used LibreElec in the past and liked it. There is also OSMC. Have a look around here, there might be another media center OS in there as well.

Some are quick to update for a new model Pi, and some aren’t. The main stream ones aren’t usually too far behind a new Pi release though. Once they get their hands on one or two.

Thank you so much will go to PI download page