Starting from scratch with raspberry pi2

I was trying to build my raspberry pi2 to be a media streaming hub. I got instructions from a website how to do this and all the right bits of kit. However I never got it to work and ended up messing it up.
I want to start from scratch and want to set the Raspberry back to default and then hopefully find a set of useful instructions that work!
Can you advice how to reset to default.
And do you know of any good sites to use for building the media centre?

To start from scratch either pick up a new blank SD to flash an image on, or reuse the existing one, wiping the current content in the process.

I use OSMC for my own media center and am quite happy with it, it’s quite straightforward IMO. You can download it from

Openelec is another popular ready-to-go media center solution. Alternatively you should be able to install and run Kodi on top of Raspbian. If you only need a basic DLNA server, minidlna, available from the raspbian repo, is pretty good, but setting it up properly will require a bit of work.

Ultimately what’s best for you depends on your needs, the latter option being the most flexible if you wish to put your Pi 2 to other uses.

Thank You for your help!
I have OSMS now up on the PI2.
All I need to do now is get it to talk to my PC so I can start streaming stuff.

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