pHATdac + Pi Zero software?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to build an airplay music streamer and have all the soldering done but can’t get any software to start.

I’ve tried both Volumio and PiMusicBox but neither boot on the Zero, although they boot fine on an RPi2

Does anyone have an idea on how to get these to run, or suggest an alternative?

If you just wait AirPlay, installing shairport-sync on Raspbian shouldn’t be too hard. The tutorial written by Andy Jenkinson looks slightly old but should still work fine.

Was about to suggest basically the same thing. I had some success with Shairport Sync built on top of Raspbian Jessie Lite.

I’d ignore the:


step from that guide though. It doesn’t update your firmware, it moves you to a bleeding-edge firmware which unless you’re trying to fix a specific problem ( or know what you’re doing ) will be more trouble than it’s worth!

Airplay would be the priority I suppose, would be nice to work out why this other systems wouldn’t build mind.

Still, thanks for the suggestions, I shall give them a go tonight

Oh regarding Volumio, it’s apparently possible to just update it to the latest kernel so it’ll boot in a Pi Zero, you need an older Raspberry Pi 1, pop in the card and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get ugprade

( I’m assuming apt-get upgrade will work as a more sensible stand-in to rpi-update )

Found here:

Yeah, seen that, sadly don’t happen to have a B lying around :D

Seems like life would be simpler buying RPi2s instead haha

I’m assuming it’s best to setup the phatdac before installing shareport?

I don’t think it makes much difference, but just in case you paint yourself into a corner setting up pHAT DAC and want to re-image your Pi, I’d say it makes sense!

If you run into any troubles, I’ve got a working setup somewhere so I should be able to help.

Thanks man, spent 3 hours last night trying to get other stuff working, hoping this goes well

appreciate it doesn’t help crispyxuk, but I can confirm that Volumio (v1.55) does boot on a Pi Zero, after running the following on an original Pi B :

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install binutils
sudo rpi-update

then put the SD card into the Pi Zero and run the pHAT install script

you have to run it headless, ie SSH into both Pi to run those commands…


Only have an RPi2 to hand, I’m assuming there’s no SD image available anywhere?

If it’s just replacing the kernel and modules then it may be possible to simply drop them in manually.

You could flash the Volumio image, then replace the contents of boot with the files from here:

I don’t know if it’ll work, but I’ve done it before on other distros.

I might be able to create an image of my installation - not something I’ve done before - but if it would help, I could give it a try…

we could then work out where to copy it too… :-)

That would be amazing if you could!

ok, working on that now then, will let you know.

building a fresh image for you, rather than with my configuration! :-)

image file is ready, it’s zipped up and weighs in at 450MB!

any ideas where I can copy it to - do you have some kind of cloud storage?

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Not at present, I usually send large files with if that’s an option?

EDIT: Thanks btw! :D

you’re welcome, if you’d like to send me a PM with your e-mail address in, then I can get that uploaded.

I used a 4GB card to build the system on, my understanding is that you will need one at least that size in order to burn the image.

and then you’ll need to run the Pimoroni script for the pHAT.

Cheers. Pm sent, what script needs running?

it’s the one-line installer mentioned here (amongst other places) :