NVMe Base with Ubuntu 23.10

I’ve successfully gotten my NVMe base working with a ADATA 850 500GB drive, using RaspberryPI OS 2023-12-11. All the normal stuff like lsblk, fdisk, etc seem to be working fine. I’m not trying to boot off it, just access it as a secondary drive (booting off of micro SD).

However, I’d like to try using the ubuntu 23.10 image that they have made available. (ubuntu-23.10-preinstalled-server-arm64+raspi.img.xz) Upon installing it, everything seems normal, but the drive is not detected. lsblk doesn’t show the same output that RaspberryPI OS does. lspci didn’t show anything that jumped out at being relevant to me. Is this a supported OS? Anything I need to do to configure it to get it talking on PCIe?

Jeff Geerling has a good tutorial called “NVME SSD boot with the Raspberry Pi 5.” There are some settings you need to make for it to work correctly. I have two Pi 5 systems with NVME running Ubuntu 23.10, which work well. I’ve used both Pimoroni and Geekworm NVME Hats with great success.