OctoCam - Constantly failing to connect to Wireless Network

Hi everyone,

Today I received my OctoCam. Everything has been fine, up until the point where I turn it on and plug it into my monitor. It gets to the stage Starting wpa_supplicant: failed (brcmfmac), before rebooting itself.

I have read a couple of other topics with a similar issue, however those resolutions did not work for me. I am on a Mac, and I have used TextEdit (converting to plain text), Sublime, and TextWrangler, to no avail. I have also tried with both my Virgin Media SSIDs (2G and 5G), with that not working either. Here is my wpa_supplicant.conf file:



Hopefully there’s a resolution to this - it’s starting to get frustrating!

Thank you.

I am having the exact same issue, the wpa_supplicant file continuously fails to start. I have the correct ssid and password but nothing. I hope that someone replies with a possible solution.

have the same thing here

it does work wired (usb-ethernet dongle and cable to my lan)

any help would be greatly appreciated

made the sd card again and now wifi also works - mystery

Note the WiFi access point name and password are both case sensitive, which can certainly be a tripping point.

@roddyefc23 is the “5G” on the end of your SSID indicative of a 5G-only network that your access point serves up? Is there a non 5G version? The Pi Zero W does not support 5Ghz WiFi, so this would certainly fail.