Old unicorn hat "P2288" on Pi - mostly not working - specs?

I have a “P2288” unicorn hat from Adafruit, apparently made in 2016. When I put it on my Raspberry Pi 3B, it doesn’t light up when I power it on. When I run Pimoroni/unicornhat/examples/phat/rainbow.pi, a couple of the pixels flicker briefly, but examples/simple.py does nothing even when I change the set_layout to unicorn.PHAT.

Is there any way to get this running, or is it simply too old and unsupported? Thanks!

I don’t think there are any changes that mean older Unicorn HATs shouldn’t work - try disabling onboard audio by commenting out dtparam=audio=on in /boot/config.txt ?

Commenting out that line solved the problem. Many thanks!

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