Only half of unicorn HAT 8x8 is working


Novice raspbian user here. Just installed the unicorn hat on a pi3 with a fresh image of raspbian and I allowed the setup to force the audio to push to hdmi and even ran the audio setup script afterwards and set it to forced hdmi audio as well and still only get the first three rows to activate. Changed one of the demos to HAT instead of auto as well and get the same results. Ran the detect script and its being detected as a HAT and not a PHAT. Not sure whats going on any help would be awesome!

New photo by Lavaughn Purdom

link to image of whats being displayed


Need more info, what code example etc are you running?
Did you do the /boot/config.txt:


uncomment if hdmi display is not detected and composite is being output


This is what is currently set.

I was running the and the examples from the unicornhat directory


Have to ask, Unicorn Hat examples, not the Unicorn Hat HD right?


Firmly seated on the GPIO header, pressed down for good contact?


Yep that is correct not the HD examples


ill check that its seated correctly now!


removed it and reinstalled it making sure all the pins where fit nice and snug and still getting the same results


I’d redo your Micro SD card with the latest Raspbian, run the installer one more time, and see if it still doesn’t work. If it doesn’t, click Shop at the top of the page, then look for a contact us link at the bottom. E-mail them with the issue. I’d also put a link to this thread in the e-mail as well. It sounds like it may be defective.


Will do thanks for your help much appreciated!


No problem, hope you sort it out. It sucks when things don’t work.